KOFH PUBLICATION: Mindography; the cube which explains human understanding.

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Universally in man's head, exists a software system to his hard headed thinking.

"Mindography, the cube that explains understanding," is a KOFH publication which presents the case for assuming an analogy between the computer and the brain. This book points out that the cellular interneural connections are a de facto arrangement that essentially creates a Pascal Triangle heirarchy. This is a result in accord with the Fibonacci Series that is implicit in the process of mitosis which builds these Central Processing Centers, CPC.

In simple language, the @ 150 page book details the arguments and supporting references which show exactly how the hardware of a transistor-like binary arrangement of neurons stands ready to form an operating system for the mind.

Picture shows 3-D cube tranformed to 2-D.
Picture shows the 3-D cube tranformed to 2-D.
The cube's 20 triangular faces graphed 2-D on mandala.

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