An example of memorizing with the Graphic Organizer of the hands.
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The symbols on the KOFH Cube are the 22 letters of Hebrew. Kids might actually play with these unusual "blocks," and in time, learn the order and names by using the graphic organization of the fingers of the right hand.

But, in the secondary education environment, these same organizers will collect the textbook ordered principles of Algebra, the mechanics of English Grammar, and the Chemistry and Genetics of science.

The eighth triangle inside is always hidden...
Inside the cube, under the center tetrahedron, is an eighth face.

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The Cube with Hebrew letters on its faces
The outside faces of this cube contain twelve Hebrew Letters

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Opened cube shows seven triangular faces
Inside the cube are the rest of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

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The eighth triangle inside the cube lends itself to the analogy of the triangle formed by the face of the fist. This space often is used to hold three notations, one element on each leg.