The KOFH Lotus Leaf Notebook is "software."
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The KOFH Lotus Leaf Notebook is really "software," an input/retrival program for the hardware of the human brain.

Whether the format is 3-D or 2-D, each topic of study lending itself to multiple lessons can produce a finished project on that subject. The lessons are placed upon ever larger organizers, whether 3-D cubes of 2-D pieces of paper. By this means, one cube fits inside the next to follow, and one leaf of the Lotus Leaf Notebook is inside the others.

THE KOFH Floppy Disk Memory Storage
one inside another
One complete set of organized thoughts on a particular topic fits in the next.

These pictures are links to tutorials and further explanation of the application of the KOFH Universal Graphic Organizers in the classroom.

The actual Software Program is the Sensory System.

The "Floppy Disks" are analogous to Long Term Memory of sensory Data Inputs. There is a space on the Graphic Organizer for every sensory marker. And, most recently, laboratory experiments have verified that information of a like-kind finds itself stored in the same specific neurological locations within the brain.

Journal of Science, 12 Jan 2001 VOL. 291: "Seeking Categories in the Brain," Simon J. Thorpe & Michele Fabre-Thorpe