The Cubic Periodic Chemical Chart of the Elements
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From templates, students construct a series of eight boxes which ultimately fit inside one another. Each box is a five piece cube which pertains to a whole topic on the chemical organization of the elements.
Some cubes are modules for modeling chemical compounds. One box can be arranged as an electron clock cueing the "quantum addresses" of electrons within atoms.
All eight cubes are hands-on exercises in crafting to specifications which can be used as an instructional "Virtual Lab" simulation in regard to Following Instructions, Taking Directions, Working Independently, Task Completion, Safety.
The opportunity for verbal instruction during this hands-on construction assignment is a teaching opportunity referred to as The Interactive Lecture.

Award winning 3-D Periodic Chemical Chart
Hands-on a three dimensiona lcubic Periodic Chart
Cut, fold, no glue, five piece cube

The Electron Configuration Clock
The cube is arranged in a clockwise read off
The configuration code can be read off in clockwise order