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"Order in, order out!"

Order is the first law of the universe without, why not likewise for the universe within?

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A geometric cube consisting of 5 parts
Language Art: Twelve of the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

Welcome to The KOFH web site!

The pictures and graphics are links to examples, explanations, and applications of an Educational Tool, a contrivance that does amazing things in the classroom and the student's head. Basically, it a graphic organizer. The organization is fixed, and though the lessons, the topics, even the subjects across the curriculum are different, the same fixed organizer is used to collect the details of the material. You must review the illustrations and pictures described on these pages to become convinced.

KOFH PUBLISHING COMPANY has produced a complete line of educational products which illustrate applications of the Mind Programming Method. MPM has been applied to secular academic subjects across the K-12 curriculum. These products will appeal to those educators who are aware of the value of presenting lessons in a format designed for the Learning Styles arising from the Multiple Intelligences to be found in every classroom.

The lessons are in the form of photocopy ready templates, designed for student hands-on activity, providing an Enactive Stage of lesson presentation. The Project Orientation implicit in a series of these lessons on each topic necessitates Portfolios. MPM inherently developes an Alternative Evaluation using a rubric that focuses upon Project Completions, attention to detail, and comprehension.

Review our academic, 7-12K, educational product line. Link from this page to a tour of research and to illustrations of how the KOFH Software works. View tutorials on using the MPM system. Observe demonstrations in educating others, and much more. Get free samples. Learn on-line. Visit our Web blog. Investigate ancient hints that suggest others have observed that we think in a set pattern that frames our understanding. Review with us the re-discovery of lost artifacts like the Urim and Thummim. Entertain the KOFH promise that this MPM will enable you to understand textbooks BEFORE you read them. Consider the possibility that, MPM knowledge of how the mind works will allow a degree of Mind Reading.

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This site is also utilized for Product Introductions and tutorials in art/craft origami for the K-12 classroom.

The cube geometry has academic applications.
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