KEU in 2-D format
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The twenty-two catagories represented by the geometric triangular faces on the cube are transformed into a 2-D Graphic Organizer for practical purposes of classroom instruction:

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Some esthetic values have been given up in reducing the cube to a piece of paper, making flat trangles correspond to the faces of tetrahedrons and octagonal parts. 

But, by the addition of a repetituous origami, some three dimensionality might be saved. 


The paper form of this mental programming of data inputs has been so devised that the graphic organizer can be folded in a very appealing way. Each graphic organizer is printed out as a template, such that one is larger than the last. Consequently, one organizer fits inside the last, and a whole group of a dozen in some cases, pack together to form what has become the KOFH Lotus Leaf Notebook.

Reducing the three diamensional cube to two dimensions allows the concept to be expressed on paper. This makes it accessible to classroom applications.