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Welcome to all visitors,
Kofh Publications has a very large cataolog of interesting and original products, books, booklets, and promotional and Fund raising specialty items.

Be sure to visit our Catalogue and Product Introduction pages. There you will see many publications and products personally interesting, if you are a bible reader. Adults and young people alike will find things that their Bible Study Group, Sunday School Class, or coffee circle of friends will love to like or to hate.

KOFH, too, would perfer that people were either hot or cold to these things coming new into the Kingdom of Christian and Jewish study. So much informatiion is stuff never before discussed or noticed, that regardless of the point of view of the publisher and staff writers, the reader will find stimulation and ideas to occur, other than what the material itself intended.

Every effort has been made to reference facts. The reader is encouraged to check those sources, Likewise, KOFH receives collateration that was not known to the publishers and staff writers, and such commuication has been greatly appreciated. If you can add to our knowledge base, please do.

Thank you this visit, and please come again. KOFH intends to update and add new material as often as possible. Please recommend this site, so others may inspect the novel ideas we present.

Be sure to visit our catalogued library of publications for the K-12 secular school curriculum. The same methods KOFH has applied to the scriptures is compatible with the secular teaching of subjects like Algebra, History, Chemistry, Genetics, English Grammar, Biology, even Physics.

Applied to education, these booklets offer State-of-the-Art instructional apporoaches. All the booklets contain reproducible templates which teachers are to distribute for hands-on construction project by each student in their class. These books cover whole topics with multiple lessons on each. The lesson are structured to embrace all the present pedagogical objectives such as Portfolio, Cooperative Learning, Alternative Assessment, Mapping, Graphic Organizers, for sure, and so on.

If you are a K-12teacher, don't miss our product Tutorials and Product Illustrations. These products change a disruptive classroom into an active Arts and Craft learning environment. All have been extensively field tested. The educational community has endorsed the instructional methods and much research is presently occuring.