Encychenna scribed priestly hands of the

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The KOFH Editorial Page

Our Message Board Staff report that the Freudian Bible Interpetation was presented with the following wonderful response. The participant in the particular thread correctly associated the quote below with the intended meaning.
Here is the Freudian Bible quote:

Rev. 1:20 The mystery of the seven stars, (the meaning of the seven psychic archetypes) which thou sawest in my right hand, ("cued" on the seven bones of the palm, in the manner of the priests before Aaron: [Rev 1:16]), and the seven golden, (spiritually enlightening), candlesticks, (all burning continuously throughout the seven developmental stages of Christian growth).
The seven (psychic) "stars" are the angels, (symbolizing the seven Jean Piaget/Ericson psychological mental sets underlying the cultural paradigms of the Christian maturation), of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are (the seven different historical and developmental periods of Christianity), the seven churches: [(1) Ephesus, the first century time of the Apostles, and unto (2) Smyrna, the Terror instigated by Diocletian (303-13), and unto (3) Pergamos, (the 313 AD Edict of Toleration, and the recognition of Christianity by Emperor Constantine, in 325 AD, followed in 382 AD with the coming of the Lord upon the clouds; and unto (4) Thyatira, the Papacy of 598 AD, and the formation of Universal Roman Catholicism, and unto (5) Sardis, The Reformed Catholic Church beginning in pre-Neoplitian times, and unto (6) Philadelphia, the Protestantism begun by Luther, from 1517 AD, and unto (7) Laocidea, the Humanistic Christianity of the New World)].

Message Board response from John:

"My guess would be that he will list the 7 stages of maturation which we as individuals pass through on our way to adulthood as given by child developmental psychologists Piaget and Erickson, and then in the metaphorical sense of the saying, by Thomas Hobbes I believe, "Society is the individual writ large," then apply it to the evolution of the church and the body of believers up until the time of the 2nd coming of Christ.
But that would just be a wild guess on my part from reading his posts these last few days. Such a schemata showing these psychological stages of development (writ large) to spiritual maturity demonstrated by the cultural paradigms which have characterized the church as it passed through them in its history would be interesting to see illustrated, I'd think.

I took a class in developmental psychology waaaay back when I was in college back in the 1970s and it covered Piaget but not Erickson. I don't remember much about it. I did read a book, back a couple of years ago, called "The Quest for Mind," by Howard Gardner, which dealt with Levi-Strauss and Piaget, but I don't remember much about it, and that is the extent of my knowledge about Piaget.
>>The idea that psychosocial maturation can be applied to whole societies isn't in much favour these days. I quite like it myself - how about you?<<
Personally, I like it. Societies have a kind of 'collective consciousness' and as such have properties not unlike individuals in that respect. Nations, cultures and individuals grow and change in similar ways, I think. Even if such ideas about comparing the two are out of fashion these days, I think that some parallels could be made between societies and individuals, metaphorically, in regards to behavior and stages of psycho-social maturation, which aren't too far afield from rational consideration. Not in theory, anyway."

Praise the Lord, and bless you, John, for this was revealed to you by our Father in heaven of the Collective Unconsciousness of man!