The hand as a form of the KOFH organizational pattern has powerful presentation and mnemonic value.

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Like learning to count on one's fingers, using the hand to organize all textbook subjects in the academic curriculum soon evolves into the ability to perform without cues.

Each finger corresponds to three triangles.
The 12 phalanges correspond 12 triangular spaces
There are three Lotus Leaf triangles in sets North, South, East, and West.

This tool is called, "The KOFH Educational Universal." It is a standardized, origami graphic organizer which accommodates the subject matter in every disciple of the secondary Education Curriculum.

Teachers, across the curriculum, will discover that this is a concrete tool now available for Inter-disciplinary Instruction. Instantly, by the repetitious use of this KEU in two different classrooms, used by two different teachers, the same organization of differ subject material reinforces memory through the powe rof association.

But, most certainly, the realization that this is possible emphasizes the underlying theory that there is a Software Program companion to the human mind.

It becomes undeniable that we are feeding in facts according to a programmed instructional organization. "Organization in, organization out" becomes the logical reversal of "Garbage in, garbage out."

(Link to a series of practical Classroom examples)

The five Metacarpals and the two Thumb Phalanges
Inside the cube/Lotus Leaf corresponds to the palm
Inside the Lotus Leaf corresponds to the grasp of the palm