The natural process of mitosis creates a neuron lattice of Binary Numbers in the brain!

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The "screen" between ourselves and the world is a veil that separates what is "out there" from what we believe is "out there." 

The phenomenon of making sense by analyzing our sensory inputs requires that we organize the incoming sensory information. 
Every piece of input that comes to us is dissectable into exactly what our mind looks for, sets of seven, twelve, and three, which we think about from four Jungian Functional modes. 

The geometry of four congruent and related outer parts of the KOFH model is reinforced over and again.

The Fibonacci life forms, Atomic particles, and special case of the Golden Ratio support the theory.

The graphic display shows the concept which has been anticipated by the philosophy of Phenomenology. 

Jean Paul Sartre explained that there is a void between the mind and the world beyond

We discover this world beyond through the phenomena of making mental models from sensory inputs. 

What is new, here, concerns the detailed exposition of a hypothetical fixed "software-like" model. As if it were a veil, a fixed set of "catagories" classify and organize the inputs our senses place before us,... between us and the reality, the environment which is beyond our mind.