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The experts on Human Behavior admit that they have only "clues" concerning Human Behavior and the process of our mental activities. 
In its Preface, The Encyclopedia of Human Behavior alerts the reader to the sad state of our preent understanding. Essentially, the encyclopedia is merely a collection of recent ideas and, perhaps, hypotheses that some researchers and thinkers have put forth.
Those ideas which seem to have enough merit to be utilized commercially are included below in some of the following applications:  

Five parts of the Cerebral Cortex
The Corpus tissue lies between four lobes in each hemisphere

The Four Lobes of the brain each have dominance over particular functions of the mind.

The Frontal Lobe is the center for planning, forethought, and personality. The Temporal Lobe is the focus for hearing and memory storage. The Parietal Lobe receives sensations of touch and spatial orientation. It reacts to events. The fourth lobe, the Occipital, interprets what is seen by the eyes.

These are all neurologucal processes, thoughts, which pass from the Left Hemisphere to the Right Hemisphere through a complex nerve bundle of tissue, between the two hemispheres, called the Corpus Callosum.