Every Lesson is a Cube, a Graphic Organizer page, and a hand mnemonic

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For a lesson Topic, the separate units are all presented in this Blackboard format.

1)  Students copy into the triangles of the folding "Lotus-Leaf Notebook." 
2) Students construct a paper 3-D Cube-shaped model.
3) Students practice and memorized on the hands.


The 3-D Cube
The 3-D Cube is a series of ever smaller cubes which fit inside one another.
The key  words on these cubes parallel the content on the Lotus Leaf Notebook.

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Blackboard Pattern Lectures:
The initial Lesson which presented the materials is re-enforced by first copying from the board, and then, constructing the 3-D Cube.

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The Lotus Leaf Notebook

The folded Lotus Leaf Graphic Organizer which the student copies from the board is evaluated and exchanged with a pre-printed page that can be folded into the first lesson of the Lotus Leaf Notebook which will gradually swell to include many more pages.


Hand Mnemonics
The educational power of the teacher is greatly enhanced by associating the lesson material on the hands of the student.


Classroom exercises together have tremendous impact.
Students who remember every keyword excel in such sessions.
There is re-enforcement for the student who did not remember the lesson.
This easy exercise of the whole class leads to memorization.

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