Graphic Organizers in the academic community have been widely studied and recommended.
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A third format of the KOFH Universal graphic organization is incorporated into the anatomy of the hand. 

This is a powerful means of practice.

Reviewing a lesson from memory by utilizing the hand in a one-to-one correspondence with the spaces of the organizer is a recommended practice for instruction. 
But, the digits of the fingers and the metacarpals on the palm lend themselves to actually writing the information directly from the Lotus Leaf.

The Hand Format of the KOFH Uiversal Graphic Organizer also serves as an attention getting, dramatic method of a teacher presentation of the intial lesson.
Such a teacher presentation even cues the teacher on the details themselves. And, with a participation whereby students take the first notes during this unusal method of "writing the notes," each student has the information for ready creation of the Lotus Leaf on paper.

The KEU is 2-D, 3-D, and on the hand,... alive!
The anatomy of your hand corresponds to the KOFH Educational Universal!

The theme becomes: Essentially, this technique is akin to the initial benefits of learning by counting on one's fingers.

The essence of learning anything requires organizing the material elements, observing the relationships between the various groups of data, followed by practice and memorization. The student must recall the key ideas. This is facilitatd by cues from the graphics. 

The next step is to interrelate each item within the set, with one another, and then with the other three sets. Practice is essential to remembering. And, of course, the optimium result is that the student will be able to explain what has been learned.

In all this, the cues from a mnemonic graphic organizer, one "right on the hand," helps the process of Recall and Recognize, two different aspects of memory.

The Cube, the foldable LL, and now the student's hand, three different forms of the KOFH LL graphic organizer, adds variety to the presentation and review of lessons.
These different forms of the same thing can utilize and expand Loci Memory Techniques known to enhance memory. Learning the information, (data,) that the Lotus organizes requires practice. The hand, in particular, represents a blank practice and self-test device always available for review of the catagories of information essential to recall.

Hand to flap analogy
The four fingers represent the four flaps, the thumb corresponds to the back of the square.