Educational Psychology goes much further in collaterating the principle ideas stated.
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The KOFH Universal Software Concept of Mind finds strong support in the Myers/Briggs Type Inventory now so widely used in many fields, Educational, Vocational, Personality Disfunction, and even in Pre-marital Counseling.

The 12 most common types
The 12 Myers/Briggs Typeson cube
These 12 types are each found to be about 5-10% of those tested.

Myers/Briggs is derived from Jungian Functional Psychology. The four basic factors of personality which are the major dominant and subordinate characteristic duiferentiating people are graphically represented on the center tetrahedron, Intuition, (N), Feelings, (F), Thinking, (T), in the rational and logical meaning of the word, and Sensing, (S).

Four types each representing 1% of the population
inside the cube, four more Myers/Briggs types
Four types somewhat hidden among the much more common occurences