Matriarchy Vs Patriarchy
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Margaret Mead
"The feminine form of patriarchy is matriarchy, but there are no known examples of matriarchies from any point in history."


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The literature concerning Matriarchies is sparse to the point that few well accepted sociologists have even approached the subject.
The basic problem which has held back researchers and historians is their own inability to definitively define a matriarchy.

Encyclopedia Britannica says Matriarchy is a "hypothetical social system".
The Britannica article goes on to note, "The view of matriarchy as constituting a stage of cultural development is now generally discredited. Furthermore, the consensus among modern anthropologists and sociologists is that a strictly matriarchal society never existed."

The reason that matriarchies are difficult to establish throughout history centers on the fact the the power of this type of society rests not in the political arena, where researchers are wont to look, but in the Institution of Marriage and the Cultural Institution.

Marriages are delayed until well past the sexual peak of the boys because the evermore successful economy has made long stays in schools a virtue and women more cognizant of better chances to hook a winner/keeper if they just hold out as long as possible.
Divorce and second, third chances become acceptable behaviors in a sexually promiscuous society, too. 

By the time men marry now, around age 26 on average, the sexual "emergency" and the rational purpose for instituting a system like matrimony hardly makes sense in regard to controls of adolescent hormonal pressures for intercourse.
Money, social station, and Status join with the mutual desire of adult men and women to raise heirs and offspring. 
These are the present good reasons for coupling up.

What has disappeared in this transformation of the Institution of Matrimony is a socially acceptable way for young men to express their god-given sex drives.
What has appeared, though, is 1.5 million annual Abortions and 1.5 million annual illegitimate births.

These numbers become more meaningful when we understand that America has only 1.5 million annual legitimate births.

The hand that rocks the cradle often has been wisely granted a reign in every husband castle simple to keep the peace within those walls.
That same hand that can be so influential in the attitudes instilled in the sons and daughters, also is placated in order that she will rock in the bedroom too.

This seems a fair equity between the sexes.

The working spouse supports his kingdom which is largely administrated by his stay ay home wife.

As we know, the feminist revolt of the sixties turned this upside down.
Both parents work. 
But the reign at home remains largely the same except for an increase in the balance of power, which reduced the man to a mere water boy.
One easily replaced in a society that now permits such changes willingly, using No fault Divorce or simple separation by choice.

The family foundation for the society begins to show cracks.
The once stable marriages become Divorce Stats that read as high as 55% for the nation.
Add to this the increase in unmarried pregnancies due to very loose sexual standards, and the broken home syndrome begins to undermine the very Law and Order of the community.
Crime and socio-pathic behaviors of fatherless kids emerge in escalating numbers from one generation into the next.

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The Battle of the Sexes is a fight where the men one the one side at first control the pursue strings but the feminist movement that reacts to the domination uses sexual favors as a negotiating tool.

The wiles of the emerging beauty culture creates irresistible courtesans and the more common harlots, willing and eager to trade up and companion men of ever better stations in the economy.
No Divorce replaces the patriarchic morality previously established and supported by religion.

What emerges from the Battle ground of a wide open sexually promiscuous society is an growing acceptance for all sexual diversity.
Pornography, open safe homosexuality, and larger and larger numbers of abortions among never married young girls, plus increases in STD.

These are visible characteristics that signal the presence of a subtle Matriarchy.
The women reign over a society from the foundation of its Cultural Institution, in spite that men and historical observations see the Political Institution pretty much the way it had always been.

Political Correctness dictates the actual social behavior.
Political Correctness becomes as real a mechanism of Social Control as any political legislation.

Men characteristically become more feminized in their poise and less aggressive, especially in regard to the instinctual Homophobia which will have evolved as a natural warning against this transition into matriarchy.
Anti-war attitudes ignore the strong neighboring patriarchies ever better preparing to invade, raid, rape, and destroy the society so clearly weaken and so full of nerds and girlie-men.

The economy falters because the previous masculine attention to the Supply-side of the economy, largely a Laissez Faire and Capitalistic Distribution System is replaced by a more domesticate orientation that supports a Socialistic Distribution System. 

Characteristic to the unending battle between the wage earner at home and the wife who sees evermore needs pressing her to demand more, as if money grows on trees, the nation, too, will find itself hopelessly in debt.

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