Guilford's Cube Model of Intelligence

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The Structure-of-Intellect model (SI model) was designed as a cross classification system with intersections in the model providing the basis for abilities similar to periodic table in chemistry. The three-dimensional cube—shaped model includes five content categories (the way in which information is presented on a test; visual, auditory, symbolic, semantic, and behavioral), six operation categories (what is done on a test; evaluation, convergent production, divergent production, memory retention, memory recording, and cognition), and six product categories (the form in which information is processed on a test; units, classes, relations, systems, transformations, and implications). The intersection of three categories provides a frame of reference for generating one or more new hypothetical factors of intelligence.

Rev 21:1-5

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"For just as the Father, (which is Reality, itself), raises the dead (who rest in the human gene pool) and gives them life (again: [John 3:7]), even so, (the spirit of the Unconscious mind which is of) the Son, (himself, the ideal of Truth: [Gen 9:11]), also gives life to (the next evolving human species), whom He wishes. For not even the Father, (Reality, itself), judges anyone, but He has given all judgment to (the spirit of Truth: [John 8:32], inside their own psyche: [Luke 17:21], as symbolized by) the Son, (himself, the ideal of Truth), so that all will honor the Son (i.e.; Truth), even as they honor the Father (who is Reality). He who does not honor the Son, (i.e.; the Truth), does not honor the Father (who is Reality: [Gen 1:26-7]) who sent Him, (i.e.; Truth:[John 1:1], in the wake of the ever unfolding Reality: [Gen 1:26])." - John 5:21-23

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Rev. 21:1 And I saw a new heaven (of Total Consciousness) and a new earth (from the sociological behaviors resulting) thereafter: for the first heaven (of semi-consciousness) and the first earth (of erroneous paganistic  mythologies) were passed away; and there was no more sea (of unconscious behavior).

Rev. 21:2 And I John saw the holy "city," (in the geometry of a Cube: [Rev 21:16], a new paradigm in the thinking of men), a new (cubic) Jerusalem, coming down from God, (the revealed Urim and Thummim which is the device through which men divine the will of God), out of (the) heaven (of man's thinking), prepared as a bride adorned for her husband, (the next evolution of mankind, Homoiousian Man).

Rev. 21:3 And I heard a great voice out of heaven, (the realm called Mind), saying, Behold, the tabernacle, (the mental schemata), of (Immanent) God is, (in the Kingdom of the Mind within), with men, and he will dwell with them:[Zech 12:8], and they shall be his people, and God, (immanently, within the mind), himself shall be with them, and be their God, (with whom, they shall have a personal sentient relationship)

Revelation 21:4-5 And God, (blessing them with Total Phylogenetic Consciousness: [Carl Jung]), shall wipe away, (in their awakened Unconscious Mind: [Freudian Hypothesis]), all tears from their eyes, (for life is a genetically rememberable continuum from one generation to the next living generation); and (in genetic memories of prior existences held in our Unconscious Mind) there shall be no more death (for we shall not all "sleep:" [1Co15:51], but total phylogenetic consciousness will have evolved), neither sorrow (for we, individually, are part of a living continuum of our own pasts, flowers upon our genetic vine), nor crying, (for we are happy in these revelations of reconstitution from our human gene pool), neither shall there be any more pain (as is circumvented by hypnosis even today): for the former things (in Modern Homo sapiens paradigm of the life experience) are passed away. And He, (the ancient, phylogenetic, Collective Unconscious Mind), that sat upon the throne (within the kingdom of the evolving Homoiousian sapiens' brain) said, Behold, (in this way, through evolution: [Gen 9:11-18]), I make all things (in human experience) new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true, (rational, and scientifically feasible), and (worthy of) faithful (belief).


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The Collective Unconscious is a storehouse of all the experiences of humankind transmitted to each individual. As the repository for all past experiences, it includes even our pre-human animal ancestry. (Assumably through the genetic processes, though unknown to Freud and Jung at the time.) It becomes the primary base of a person's pyche, directing and influencing behavior. It is the deepest and most inaccessable level of the psyche. Jung believed that a person accumulates and files all of his past experiences, so does humankind, collectively.
Whereas in the Personal Unconscious , each of us stores our individual accumulated experiences, in the Collective Unconscious, humankind as a whole accumulates the experiences of the human and prehuman species, and passes this wealth of experience on to each new generation: [i.e.; the Book of Life; Rev 20:15]. The Collective Unconscious then contains the entire catalog of experiences that have marked human evolution, and it is repeated in the brain of every human being in every generation.
Whatever experiences are universal, that is, are repeated, relatively unchanged in every generation, become a part of each individual's personality. Indeed, it makes sense, that the primitive past of human beings becomes the primary base of a person's psyche, directing and influencing current behavir. The Collective Unconscious, then, is the all-controlling deposit of ancestral experiences. Including a person's present personality and the past, with all his own childhood and early years as well as with the history of the entire species.
Jung said, "the form of the world into which a person is born is already inborn in him, as a virtual image." (Jung, 1953, pg 188). An example of the meaning of this was suggested in that an infant is born predisposed to perceive the mother in a certain manner. Assuming that she behaves as we have generally considered mothers should behave, then the babies predisposition will correspond with his reality. The form of an infant's world, "inborn within him" thus determines how he adapts and reacts to his world.

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