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Genesis 11: The Towers of Man's Babelings

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A clever metaphor describing awakening of a varied set of man's twelve different philosophical outlooks.

Gen. 11:1 And the whole earth (of mankind) was of one language, saphah, [Hebrew: saphah/ meaning: "boundary"], (of one psychic, archetypal state of mind), and of one (way of thinking, of one manner of) speech (in the content of meaning). [Hebrew: dabar/ means: "content of what is bound"]).

Gen. 11:2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that (these early forms of Homo sapiens), they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.

Gen. 11:3 And they said, (the archetypal entities within their minds), one to another, (these seven Jungian Functions), Go to, let us (seven) make (each of ourselves as a separate clean sheet, as white as clay) "brick" [Hebrew: laban; to become white], and (destroy the previous psychological integration within our mind as if we did) "burn" them thoroughly; [Hebrew: sarap; to be set on fire, destroying of objects ofall kinds]. And they had (white clay) "brick" [Hebrew: lbonah; incense: lbenah; whiteness of an altar of brick] for (as) "stone" (is used as a construction material), and (subconscious) "slime" [Hebrew: chemar; to boil up, glow with redness, bituminous, as rising to the surface] had they (already injected into men's behavior) for mortar, (as a wave bubbling up in the society of man; Hebrew: mortar, chomer: bubbling up of water, a wave, a heaping]).

Gen. 11:4 And they, (the seven archetypal entities within theirminds), said, Go to, let us (the Ziggurat of Etemenanki) build us, a "city," [iyr], (upon a foundation 295 square foot, with seven platforms, one upon the other: [Hebrew: iyr/ meaning: "a place guarded by awakening"]), and a (108 foot high) "tower," (of seven platforms for "speaking," a strong place for each of the seven Gods in the planetarium, [Hebrew: migdal/ meaning: a rostrum]), whose top, (the seventh floor), may reach unto heaven (where we may look for God to meet with humanity); and let us, (each symbolized by a planetary God and Goddess), make us a name, (a religion), [Hebrew: shem/ means: memory], lest we, (the archetypal entities within their minds), be "scattered: puwts" abroad (by breaking our psyches into Jungian archetypal pieces), [Hebrew: puwts/breaking], upon the face of the whole earth.

Gen. 11:5 And the LORD, (the Immanent God within man), came down to see the "city," [iyr], (the symbolic Ziggurat of Etemenanki, [Hebrew: iyr/ a place guarded by an awakening], and the (108 foot high) tower, ([migdal], of seven platforms for preaching, a strong place for each of the seven Gods in the planetarium, [Hebrew: migdal/ meaning: a rostrum, pulpit]), which the children of men "builded," [banah], (in their thinking), [Hebrew: banah builded, meaning: to add to an existing structure and fashion a new object].

Gen. 11:6 And the LORD, (the Immanent God within man), said, "Behold," [Hebrew: am], the (phylogenetic mind of these evolved) people ([Hebrew: am/ means: all the physical ancestors who lived previously]), is, (and was, formed as) one (whole psyche), and they have all one language,(one harmonious, psychological, archetypal boundary to their thought), [Hebrew/ saphah: means boundary to way of "speaking"], and this they begin to do, (to make each of their subconscious archetypes as a separate clean sheet, as white as clay): and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they (in a bad sense) have (devised, plotted, planned, or) imagined [Hebrew; zamam: in a bad sense of the word, to consider, think, give purpose] to do.

Gen. 11:7 Go to, let us, (Elohim: the Immanent God within the Unconscious Mind of these men:[Luke 17:20-21], who formed these evolved Modern Homo sapiens:[Gen1:26-27]), go down (into this Subconscious Mind of men), and there, (mix together the seven, and mingle them in the various Myers/Briggs combinations of Dominance and Subordinations), confound, [balal: "mix"], their "language" ([saphah]; the psychological, archetypal boundaries of their thinking; [saphah: a boundary]), that they may not understand one another's (psychological language) "speech" [saphah: a boundary].

(Note: "speech," interpreted here, is the same Hebrew word as used above for "language," saphah. This is a KJV error, or weak choice, in the translation. Saphah is the same word as in 11:1 which was translated as "language;" it means, roughly translated, "boundaries of their thoughts as evidenced by the language between them.")

Gen. 11:8 So the LORD, (by breaking their psyches into a dozen combinations of the seven Jungian archetypal pieces), scattered ([Hebrew: puwts; break into pieces], them, (the seven archetypal entities within their minds), abroad from thence upon (all Modern Homo sapiens across) the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the "city," ([iyr], a place guarded by an (psychic) awakening], the Ziggurat of Etemenanki).

Gen. 11:9 Therefore is the "name," [shem], or memory], of it called "Babel," (confusion, mental confusion), [Hebrew: babel/confusion]; because the LORD did (then), there (mix together and mingle), "confound," [Hebrew; balal: mix, mingle], the (psychological) "language, "([saphah], the psychic, archetypal boundaries of their thoughts as evidenced by the language between them), of all the (Modern Homo sapiens on the) earth: and from thence did the LORD "scatter," [puwts:break into pieces], them (psychologically, these Modern Homo sapiens), abroad (by breaking the psyches of these Modern Homo sapiens into Jungian archetypal pieces) upon the face of all the earth.

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