[Plague 11]... Monotheism...(10:1)
Akhenaten, (Amenhotep IV, 1353–1336 BC), was the religious reformer who transferred to himself a single god, a cosmic monotheistic pharaoh, who manifested himself as the Aten or sun-disk. His queen NEFERTITI, and their children were a holy family, with the king appearing as virtually the Aten on earth.
Akhenaten, a pharaoh (king) was the first pharaoh to preach monotheism (belief in one god). Nefertiti was a firm supporter of Akhenaten's teachings and assisted him in the new religious ceremonies. The reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti is called the Amarna Revolution because of the many changes in art, religion, and social practices they made.

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Genetic Tests from 2010
(These tests are very important since Exodus tells us that Pharaoh and his Army died in the Red Sea while chasing Moses.) In 2010, genetic tests and CT scans were performed. Chief among the genetic results, "The statistical analysis revealed that the mummy KV55 is most probably the father of Tutankhamun (i.e.; Ahhenaten), and KV35 Younger Lady could be identified as his mother."
A growing body of work soon began to appear to dispute the assessment of the age of the mummy and the identification of KV55 as Akhenaten.
A specialist in human osteology and paleopathology, bioarchaeologist Brenda J. Baker takes issue with the identification of the skeletonized mummy KV55 as Akhenaten.
These earlier analyses; documented with written descriptions, photographs and radiographs; show a pattern of fused and unfused epiphyses (caps on ends of growing bones) throughout the skeleton, indicating a man much younger than Akhenaten is believed to have been at the time of his death. Baker also uses a photograph of the pubic symphysis of the pelvis to narrow the age of KV55 to 18-23 based on recent techniques used in osteology and forensic anthropology.

The Mystery of Egyptian Tomb KV55 in the Valley of the Kings
Jan 26, 2015 Nothing accurate is known when Akhenaten died, however it is known that he was never buried in the tomb prepared for him in Amaranth. Since he and his immediate family were so hated it is probable that burials were done hurried and in secret.

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Exodus 11
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Akhenaten, himself a first born, dies in the Red Sea:
As befitting the "blasphemer," Akhenaten's mummy has never been found. Exodus tells us he died in the Red Sea. A tomb east of Amarna was never completed and contained the body of one of his daughters. Excavation in the Valley of the Kings in tomb 55 presented a mummy that may have been Akhenaten. Although buried with items belonging to his mother, Queen Tiye, the body was later believed to be that of Smenkhkara. An examination of the KV55 mummy was conducted in 1998 by Czech anthropologist Eugene Strouhal. He published his conclusions in 2010 where he utterly excluded the possibility of Akhenaten.

[Plague 11] ...monotheism in Egypt...

Exod. 11:1 And the LORD said unto Moses, Yet will I bring (another), one plague more, (a Kenosis, or emptying out of his sacred status), upon (him, himself), Pharaoh, (Akhenaten or Amenhotep IV, 1353–1336 BC), and, (hence), upon Egypt, (upon which he shall mandate religious conversion); afterwards, (Akhenaten, Amenhotep IV, 1353–1336 BC, the religious reformer was he who denied all but a single god, transforming himself into a cosmic monotheistic pharaoh, who manifested himself as the Aten or sun-disk. His queen NEFERTITI, and their children were a holy family, with the king appearing as, virtually, the Aten on earth), he will let you go hence (for he has usurped the name of Almighty, himself): when he shall let you go (he will be free to claim himself the God you set before his people), he shall surely thrust you out hence altogether (for his people have seen my power through you, and they are open-minded to an almighty monotheistic God whom he will appropriate as himself, anthropomorphically).

[Plague 12] ...all the firstborn sons, the heir of the families, in the land of Egypt shall die...

Exod. 11:4 And Moses said, Thus saith the LORD, (advertise the day of departure from Egypt), about midnight will I go out into the midst (of the people) of Egypt (and assemble all who reject the polytheisistic Egyptian Gods and recognize this new monotheism):

Exod. 11:5 And all the firstborn (sons, the whole of the next generation, the heirs and the Head of their families) in the land of Egypt, shall (spiritually) "die" (in this Amarna Revolution, in a ritual of Plerosis, emptying themselves of the false Egyptian theology, and "fulling up" with a new religious faith, a Born Again experience), from the firstborn of Pharaoh, (Akhenaten or Amenhotep IV, 1353–1336 BC), that sitteth upon his throne, (even now, to whom I did send you), even unto the firstborn of the maidservant that is behind the mill; (and all thy cattle, [the peasant], which is in the field, upon the [military] horses, [the soldiers], upon the asses, [the respected statesmen], upon [craftmen], the camels [who found the economy of Egyptian civilization], upon the oxen, [the rich aristocratic landowners], and upon the sheep, [the faithful Resurrectionist of the Egyptian Religion]: Exod. 9:3), firstborn of (these) beasts, (all shall "die" in that previous religious faith, in what is to be called the Amarna Revolution, becoming Monotheistic Egyptians, as if Jews, themselves).

Exod. 11:6 And there shall be a great cry (from the Egyptian funerals, the first Shiva, held by their parents because of the children's renunciation of Egyptian polytheism) throughout all the land of Egypt, such as there was none like it, (a historical fact, never before had Egypt experienced a mass conversion in faith), nor shall be like it, (an Astrological schism), any more.

Exod. 11:7 But against any of the children of Israel, (already Monotheistic), shall not a dog (in the priest hoods of the Amarna Revolution) move his tongue, (for the Jews had accepted the sighting of Uranus as the sign of the monotheistic Most High), against (the imposed monotheism), man or beast: that ye may know how that the LORD, (in converting these Egyptians to monotheism), doth put a difference between the (false, beast-man, Gods of the) Egyptians and (the One Lord of) Israel.

Plague 12, of Death and pandemic
This Amarna period is also associated with a serious outbreak of a pandemic, possibly the plague, or polio, or perhaps the world's first recorded outbreak of influenza, which came from Egypt and spread throughout the Middle East, killing Suppiluliuma I, the Hittite King. Influenza is a disease associated with the close proximity of water fowl, pigs and humans, and its origin as a pandemic disease may be due to the development of agricultural systems that allow the mixing of these animals and their wastes.[23] Some of the first archaeological evidence for this agricultural system is during the Amarna period of Ancient Egypt, and the pandemic that followed this period throughout the Ancient Near East may have been the earliest recorded outbreak of influenza.[24] However, the precise nature of this Egyptian plague remains unknown and Asia has also been suggested as a possible site of origin of pandemic influenza in humans.[25][26][27]The prevalence of disease may help explain the rapidity with which the site of Akhetaten was subsequently abandoned. It may also explain why later generations considered the gods to have turned against the Amarna monarchs. The black plague has also been suggested by Zahi Hawass due to the fact that at Amarna the traces of the plague have been found.[28]

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