Rev. 8:10 And (the Sociological Integrated Group, the Superego source of educated people, those who were outside of the Roman world), the third angel sounded, and there fell (before the pagan Arabs) a great star from heaven, (Mohammed: [Rev 6:1-8]), burning as (if) it were a lamp (of insights and social reactions to the neighboring monotheism of Roman Christianity), and it fell upon the third, (Middle Eastern), part, of the rivers (of the Euphrates and the Tigris, and the Nile), and upon the fountains (of Islam), of (those people outside the Roman Empire), waters (of multitudes in Arabia, Babylon, Persia, and all North and East Africa);

Rev. 8:11 And the name of the star, (Mohammed), is called Wormwood, (like vermouth wine, because it tastes sweet in the mouth, but bitter as Sharia when swallowed): and the third part (of the known world) of the waters (of multitudes in Arabia) became wormwood (or Sharia); and many men died (by the sword of Islam) of the waters (of the Muslim multitudes), because they were made bitter (in conversion to the theocracy of Sharia).

Rev. 8:12 And the fourth angel, (the Collective force of Lucifer, or the Id), sounded, and (in the Muslim Empire), the third part (of that pre-Christian world, worshipping) of the Sun (Signs), was smitten, and the third part (of the known world, under the influence) of the moon, and the third part of the (known world to worship the) stars; so as the third part (of the once worldwide belief in Astrological worship), of them, was darkened (in the known world), and the day (of mythological and astrological religion) shone not for a third part of it, (in the known world), and the (science of the) night, (the astrological wisdom of the stars), likewise, (fell out of use by 475 AD).

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The Amplified Theistic Evolution Bible Interpretation:

Revelation 6: The counter-christian conversion

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All Rome has fallen, converted, even before the 6th Century. The Christian conversion of Egypt fulfills the prophecy of a (Christian) Egypt which does come true. Egypt comes to know Yehweh, though this nation was one of many very ancient Middle Eastern enemies of Rome and the Jews of the Palestinia Rome occupied. Islam has been the reaction to the aggression of Christian proseltyzing:

Rev. 6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the (seven) seals (OF SCRIPTURE, AS IF) I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, (the social Mass Group in the Arab world beyond Rome) one of the four beasts ([Ez 1:10], a massive congregation of peoples) saying, Come and see.

Rev. 6:2 And I saw, and behold (in 616 AD; Anno Hegirae) a white horse, (which is a page of history yet unwritten, speeding to its fulfillment: [Symbolic Dictionary]): and he that sat on him, (Mohammed: [Rev. 8:10]), had a bow (to send out his message:[Symbolic Dictionary]); and a crown (of a prophet) was given unto him: and he went forth (proselytizing), and to conquer, (beginning in Mecca and Medina, 630 AD).

Rev. 6:3 And when he had opened the second seal (OF THE SCRIPTURES, AS IF) I heard, the second beast [Ez 1:10], (the voices of the Sociological religious Crowd Group) say, Come and see.

Rev. 6:4 And there went out (in 632-34 AD) another horse, (the Sunni usurper of Mohammed's Shiite Islam), that was red (with the blood of Ali's murder and the Book of SACRED WRITINGS: [Symbolic Dictionary]): and (religious and secular) power was given to him that sat thereon, (ABU BAKR), to take peace from the earth, ([Daniel 11]: "to waxed exceeding great toward the south:" Egypt, the whole Arabian peninsula, Jordan, most all southeastern Africa, and "toward the east:" Persia, the Iran of today; Babylonia, or Iraq; Afganistan, "and toward the pleasant land," Palestinia, once Israel, and beyond, Mesopotamia, Syria, Lebanon, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, and substantial parts of Armenia), and that they should kill one another (in religious conversion by the sword): and there was given unto him a great sword, (THE KORAN).

Rev. 6:5 And when he had opened the third seal (OF SCRIPTURE), I heard the third beast ([Ez 1:10], the sociological Political Group arising in Islam) say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse (OF STATUS QUO AND NEGATION); and he that sat on him, (The Caliph, Mehmed the Conqueror), had a pair of balances in his hand, (CHRISTIAN EMPIRE ON THE ONE BALANCE, AND MUSLIM EMPIRE ON THE OTHER).

Rev. 6:6 And I heard, (in 1453 AD), a voice in the midst of the four beasts (THE EGOISM OF THE WESTERN RENAISSANCE) say, ("MORE EUROPEAN-ARABIAN COMMERCE"): A measure of wheat for a penny, (the Mark of the resurrected seven headed economic beast: [Rev 13:3]), and three measures of barley for a penny (in renewed trade and commerce); and see thou hurt not the (PETRO) oil and drink not the wine (forbidden in Islam).

Rev. 6:7 And when he had opened the fourth seal (OF SCRIPTURE), I heard the voice of the fourth beast ([Ez 1:10], THE JUNGIAN FUNCTION OF THINKING) say, Come and see.

Rev. 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse (OF FOREIGN COLONIALISM AND STAGNATION): and his name that sat on him, (BACKWARDNESS), was Death, (POLITICAL OPPRESSION), and Hell (IN WORLD WIDE TERRORISM) followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, (ARABIA), to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts, (the Social Forces), of the earth.

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After the death of Mohammed, a successor (khalifa, or caliph; see IMAM) was chosen to rule in his place. The first caliph, the Prophet's father-in-law, ABU BAKR (r. -34), initiated an expansionist movement that was carried out most successfully by the next two caliphs, UMAR I (r. 634-44) and Uthman (r. 644- 56). By 656 the CALIPHATE included the whole Arabian peninsula, Palestine and Syria, Egypt and Libya, Mesopotamia, and substantial parts of Armenia and Persia. A second wave of expansion followed. After they conquered (670) Tunisia, Muslim troops reached the northwestern point of North Africa in 710. In 711 they crossed the Strait of Gibraltar, rapidly overran Spain, and penetrated well into France until they were turned back near Poitiers in 732.

On the northern frontier Constantinople was besieged more than once (though without success), and in the east the Indus River was reached; the Islamic empire now bordered China and India, with some settlements in the Punjab. The BYZANTINE (CHRISTIAN) EMPIRE came to an end in 1453, conquered and replaced by the OTTOMAN (ISLAMIC) EMPIRE.

In 750, Umayyad rule in Damascus was ended by the ABBASIDS, who moved the caliphate's capital to Baghdad. The succeeding period was marked more by an expansion of horizons of thought than by geographical expansion. In the fields of literature, the sciences, and philosophy, contributions by such Muslim scholars as al-KINDI, al-FARABI, and Ibn Sina (AVICENNA) far surpassed European accomplishments of that time.

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI warned Sunday that terrorism, nihilism and "fanatic fundamentalism" threatened world peace, and he called on individuals, governments and institutions to work together to combat them
He said individuals, international organizations and world powers must take responsibility for promoting justice, solidarity and peace.

Historical Facts:
At Medina, Muhammad won acceptance as a religious and military leader. Within a few years he had established control of the surrounding region, and in 630 he finally conquered Mecca. There, the KAABA, a shrine that had for some time housed the idols of the pagan Meccans, was rededicated to the worship of Allah, and it became the object of pilgrimage for all Muslims. By the time of his death in 632, Muhammad had won the allegiance of most of the Arab tribes people to Islam. He had laid the foundation for a community (umma) ruled by the laws of God.
Egypt under Roman domination, like the rest of the (Roman) empire, became Christian. But Egypt was rebellious and heretical, and eventually was divided up among four ruling families. Distressed and divided, it fell easily before the Arab conquest of 639-642.

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