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Isaiah 52:13 Behold! My servant shall prosper; he shall be exalted, and extolled, and be very high.

Hinneh, yaskil 'avdi yarum ve'nissa' ve'gavah me'od

In Midrash Tanchuma Toldos, it is written:

The great mountain spoken of by the prophet Zechariah (4. 7) is no other than Messiah, Son of David, and he is called 'the Great Mountain,' because he towers above the Patriarchs, is greater than Moses, and is above the ministering angels. As Isaiah says (52:13), 'Behold, my servant shall deal prudently, he shall be exalted and extolled and be very high.'

The servant in Isaiah 49 is Mashiach, for it is he, the Mashiach, called by the name "Israel," who shall raise up Jacob, gather the preserved of Israel, and be a light to the Gentiles. The nation of Israel cannot raise up Jacob when it is Jacob, nor can it gather the preserved of Israel when it is the preserved of Israel. Mashiach is to gather the exiles and raise up Jacob, and it is the Mashiach who is called "Israel" in chapter 49 of Isaiah.

In the Targum Jonathan, Isaiah 52:13, it is written (in Aramaic):"Behold, my servant the Messiah [avdi meshiach]..."

Isaiah 53:4 Surely he has borne our sicknesses, and our pains - he has carried them, and we had esteemed him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

'akhen cholayenu hu' nasa' u'makh'oveinu sevalam va'anachnu hashavnuhu nagua' mukkeh Elohim u'me'unneh.

In the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, folio 98b, it is written: Said Rabh: The world is created only for such men as David. And Samuel said: For such men as Moses. And R. Johanan said: For such men as the Messiah. But what is his name? The disciples of R. Shilah said: Shilah is his name, as it reads [Gen. xlix. 10]: "Until Shilah will come."

The disciples of R. Janai said Jinun is his name, as it reads [Ps. lxxii. 17]: "In the presence of the sun, Jinun is his name." And the disciples of R. Hanina said: Hanina is his name, as [Jer. xvi. 13]: "So that I will not grant you Hanina." (Favor.) According to others, Menachem b. Hiskia is his name as in [Sam. i. 16]: "For from me in Menachem (comforter) that should refresh my soul." And the rabbis said: The sufferer of the house of Rabbi is his name, as [Isa. 53:4]: "But only our diseases did he bear himself, and our pains he carried: while we indeed esteemed him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted."

The rabbis clearly acknowledged in their own writings that Isaiah 53:4 pertained not to the nation of Israel but to Mashiach ben David.

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Zech. 8:12 For the seed (of Abraham) shall be prosperous; the (genetic) vine (of Israel) shall give her fruit, and the (Holy) ground (of the Promised Land) shall give her (population) increase, and the heavens (of Bible history) shall give their (dripping) dew (of prophecy); and I will cause the (returning) remnant (from the great Holocaust) of this (Chosen) People to possess all these things.

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Isa. 53:1 Who, (but the Christians), hath believed our report (in the Bible)? and to whom (if not the gentile) is the (Christian) arm of the LORD, (The Father), revealed?

Isa. 53:2 For (the land of Israel), he shall grow up before him, (these Christian Nations to come), as a tender plant (in 1948 AD), and as a root (from the past) out of a dry (and barren Holy) ground: (this new State), he hath no (political) form nor comeliness (of economic might); and when we, (the Christian world), shall see him, there is no beauty (like in Western Europe) that we (tourists) should desire to (visit) him, (The State of Israel).

Isa. 53:3 He is despised (by anti-Semites) and rejected of (Muslim) men; (Israel), a man of sorrows (long endured), and acquainted with grief (from the Holocaust): and we, (Christian Bible Believers), hid (in our homelands) as it were our faces from him, (the Holy Land); he, (that Promised Land), was despised (for two thousand years), and (during our millennium of Universal Christianity) we esteemed him, (Palestinia), not.

Isa. 53:4 Surely, (in the Middle East), he, (this State of Israel), hath borne (in terrorist extortion) our (present day) griefs (now also upon us), and carried (the Arab hatred now) our sorrows (presently visited upon America and the West): yet we did esteem him (in our insensitivity) stricken (for deicide), smitten of God (in rejection), and afflicted (for the Crucifixion).

Isa. 53:5 But, (Israel), he was wounded (in daily bombings) for our (political and economic) transgressions, he, (Israel), was bruised (in assassinations of school children) for (the crusades and Western Imperialism), our (political and economic) iniquities (of centuries past): the chastisement of our peace (in the Middle East) was upon him, (Israel); and (by observation of his experience in dealing with terror extortionists), with his stripes we are (and shall be) healed.

Isa. 53:6 All we (Christians), like sheep have gone astray (ignoring the shame of violence in the Holiest Land); we have turned (inward) every one to his own (theology of the) "way"; and the LORD hath laid on him, (the Jew), the iniquity (and sociological guilt) of us all (upon this earth).

Isa. 53:7 (This newly reformed State of Israel), He was oppressed (for fifty years), and he was afflicted (with daily terror), yet he opened not his mouth (against the proposed neighboring PLO State): he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her (muslim) shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth (to protest the proposed neighboring PLO State).

Isa. 53:8 He was taken from prison (of concentration camps) and from (Nazi) judgment: and who shall declare (the truth of the Holocaust), his (lost) generation, (the Persian Iran, the ancient enemy Syria, the Babylonian Iraq)? for (by that Roman which had then held sway over all the Western Nations), he was cut off (in diaspora) out of the (promised) land (Israel), of the (country where he was) living (since 1000 BC): for the transgression (of a revolt) of my people (against the power of a universal Roman Imperialism) was he stricken (in 70 AD).

Isa. 53:9 And he made his grave (in our foreign nations for 2000 years) with the (once) wicked (pagan members of Imperial Rome), and with the (modern) rich (Christianized Western Europeans) in his death (there); because he had done no violence (in these foreign lands), neither was any (political or religious) deceit in his mouth (for he was long sequestered in his ghettos).

Isa. 53:10 Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him (2000 years); he hath put him, (the Jew), to grief: when thou, (O' Western Europe), shalt make his (ethnic) soul (a cleansing), an offering for (the European societal) sin (in your Holocaust), he, (in 1948 AD), shall see his seed (of Abraham enlarged), he shall prolong his days, and (the budding Statehood), the pleasure of the LORD (through prophecy), shall prosper in his hand.

Isa. 53:11 He shall see, (in hind sight) of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied (with the reward of the lands promised long ago): by his (Old Testament) knowledge shall my righteous servant, (the Christian Body of Christ), justify many (through their Christian faith in prophecy); for he, (this New State), shall bear (through the example of his repentance) their (own national) iniquities, (repeated in their own falling away from Christianity: [Rev 20:3]).

Isa. 53:12 Therefore will I divide (with) him, (these Israeli people), a portion (of the reward) with the great (multitude of Christianity), and he, (these Israeli people), shall divide the spoil (of world-wide Judeo-Christianity) with the (1.44 Billion) strong (Christian Nations of the world); because, (in Holocaust), he hath poured out his soul, (long loyal, Old Testament people) unto death (in many inquisitions over time): and he, (as a Jew, far removed from the actual event), was numbered (in every generation) with the transgressors (who opposed Christ); and he bare the sin of many (priests of that day who had placed the curse, "let his blood be upon us and our children"), and, (through Hebrew Christianity), made intercession for the (Jewish) transgressors (against Christ in that day long ago, 32 AD).

Rev. 11:8 And, (the House of Jacob and the house of Judah), their dead bodies shall lie in the street (of Nazi Paganism) of the great city (which is the tenth horn of Western Civilization), which spiritually (in its philosophical outlook) is called Sodom, (a place practicing pagan sexual license and libidinal excess) and Egypt, (the first example of a Gentile empire practicing the pagan culture), where, (in their blindness of scriptural truth) also our Lord was crucified (in their own pagan culture in the Jerusalem of 32AD).

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